Private Labelling

Axis Welding’s only business is the private label supply of Tubular Electrodes and Tubular Wires to Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Major Distributors.

We have the ability to either supply in your own boxes and packaging, according to your own design preferences, with custom labels printed locally, or alternatively we can ship in inexpensive generic brown boxes so you can re-pack locally or apply labels at your location.

Our special services include:

Custom Labelling

We can supply single and multicolour labels with your company and product specifics. Multiple colours of gloss metallic label stock are also available.

Custom Alloys

If you have a specific product in your offering that you would like us to replicate and or enhance, please do not hesitate to ask. Our R&D department can readily customise formulations and enable you to purchase your own custom product in single production run quantities for each diameter.

Custom Colours

Tubular Electrodes are generally supplied in either Red or Black. Additionally it is possible to colour code the electrode tips with paint. Please do contact us with your special requests.

Custom Packaging

Packaging and custom-designed boxes and labels are inexpensive in Southeast Asia so please let us know your precise requirements and we would be happy to work with our local partners to design something that meets or exceeds your expectations.